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Ventilation skylight

  Detailed introduction:

What are the characteristics of ventilation buildings?

What characteristics must a high-quality ventilation building have?

1. The color of ventilation building manufacturer is the same

The whole curtain includes blades and all accessories (wire frame, adjusting rod, drawing line) as well as small accessories on adjusting rod if the color is the same, indicating that the production process has passed.

2. Smooth ventilation Factory

Feel the smoothness of blades and wire frames with your hands. Good quality products should be smooth and smooth, with smooth edges and no prickle feeling.

3. Opening and closing function of ventilation building manufacturer

Opening and closing function is the basic function of louvers, which should have good performance. The level between the leaves should be maintained, that is, the spacing between the leaves should be balanced, and no light leakage will occur after closing.

4. Deformation Resistance of Ventilation Building Manufacturers

High-quality equipment is not easy to deform, the general product is not pass as long as the hand force down the blade, loose hands will deform, indicating that the quality is not pass.

5. Automatic locking function of ventilation building manufacturer

Ventilation building manufacturer switch to be flexible, must have automatic locking function, can stop at any time, and will not slide.

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