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铝制屋顶排烟风机价格 Price of smoke exhaust fans for aluminium roofs
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Aluminum roof fan is a kind of all-aluminium centrifugal roof exhaust fan with environmental protection and energy saving, which is jointly developed by European and American advanced technology research institutes. The product has smooth and beautiful shape, exquisite technology and meets the requirements of high-grade buildings for the quality of exposed equipment. Isolation of motor and exhaust gas is more suitable for removing polluted air with smoke, oil mist and humidity, and prolonging the service life of motor and transmission components. It has the advantages of light weight, high pressure, moderate air volume, low noise, low power consumption, beautiful and firm appearance, etc. It is widely used for ventilation on the roof of large workshop and high-grade civil buildings in machinery, chemical industry, rubber, pharmaceutical, textile and other industries. For smoke exhaust fan, the blade clearance of the fan is less than 5 mm, which gives the blade a certain expansion space under the condition that the pressure attenuation of the fan is small. Fire-fighting smoke exhaust and ventilation (smoke) fans must pass the national fire certification. It can withstand high temperature of 280 C for 30 minutes. The axial flow, mixed flow, inclined flow and duct fan shall be equipped with installation rack; the mixed flow, inclined flow and duct fan shall be equipped with duct connecting flange, isolation spring and air-tight overhaul door, etc. Blades, impellers (a) Axial flow, mixed flow and oblique flow fans: The impellers of axial flow fans should be made by die casting aluminum wing blades or aluminum alloys; the blades of axial flow fans should be manually adjusted without dismantling the impellers; the blades should be firmly locked on the rotating blade housing (b) Centrifugal fans: the centrifugal fans should be single/double inlet design with forward/backward curved blades (air volume less than 15,000 m3/h). It is forward-leaning type and backward-leaning type with air volume > 15,000 m3/h. Except as specified, if the working power of centrifugal fan exceeds 7.5 kW, the fan with back-curved blades shall be used, and its efficiency shall not be less than 70%. The impeller shall be firmly attached to the same solid steel drive shaft. Pipeline fan: The impeller of the pipe fan is a forward-inclined, unloaded aluminum alloy impeller. The blade must be tested for dynamic and static balance before the fan is assembled to prevent the damage of the streamline height when the fan enters the air, so as to reduce the loss here. The impeller of the fan is overlapped with the bell mouth.
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