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No power for ventilation and ventilation of unpowered fan
Release time:2019.10.15    Sources of news:Liaocheng Dongchangfu Huatai Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd.   Times of browsing:
In chicken house, duck house, pig house and so on, ventilators should be used to discharge turbidity, ventilate and cool down. On the 16th, the reporter saw in the new energy exhibition area of the Agricultural Expo that a powerless fan can achieve ventilation and ventilation without electricity, saving farmers a sum of electricity.
Exhibitors said that most fans in the market need to consume electricity. Farmers use powerless fans, after a one-time purchase, they no longer need to continue to invest in power. In the long run, the benefits are very considerable. "It can rotate rapidly with the natural climate of the breeze. It depends entirely on the physical principle of convection of clean, cold and warm air and negative air pressure exchange. Wind drive replaces motor power, saving electricity and no noise. Turbine blades, which use centrifugal force when the blades rotate, can also block rainwater outside, so there is no need to worry about more rainwater in summer, wetting poultry through vents. Zero consumption and zero pollution, dust, rain and ventilation and temperature adjustment. The exhibitor said.
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