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     Influences of Ventilation Bu¡­

* Development Idea: Innovation, Practicality, Beyond Self-Pursuing Excellence

* Technological Concepts--A Step Forward with Change

* Service Concept: People First, Customer Supreme

* Talent Idea-the Best and Best Person

* Cooperation Idea - Open, Trust, Unity and Struggle

* Management Idea: Restriction of Cultural Influenced System

* The concept of being a person - advocating the professional spirit of integrity, honesty, innovation and responsibility.

* Survival Idea - If you don't advance, you will go backwards. There is a danger of extinction at any time.

* Pursuing win-win situation: customer-centered, employee-centered, win-win situation for employees, companies, customers and society

* Mission - Providing High Quality Service

* Management Idea-the Restriction of Cultural Influenced System

Liaocheng Dongchangfu Huatai Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. combines the local advantages, proceeds from the customer's point of view, according to the different needs of customers, according to the performance of products required by customers, helps our users obtain satisfactory products and services from environmental protection, energy saving, safety and economic aspects, and obtains unanimous praise from customers.

As an important part of Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise which provides integrated services such as powerless fan solutions for manufacturing enterprises, we support the better and faster development of both manufacturers and owners. We use our sincerity to serve customers. We hope that we can give enterprises some support and help to help them grow and grow as soon as possible. Thank you sincerely!

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